Tibet & Bhutan

Next-door neighbours to Nepal and culturally similar, we could not resist adding Tibet and Bhutan to our Altaï Nepal destinations.

Tibet, the 'Roof of the World' or 'a Himalayan marvel' - remains a must-see for Himalayan travelers, both for its natural beauty and spirituality. Discover the stunning highlands where indigo lakes stretch as far as the eye can see and prayer flags decorate the horizon. In a world of jagged peaks, embrace warm welcomes and discover a unique culture through a myriad of monasteries built in the most unlikely places. A visit to the ethereal Potala Palace standing witness to the Ancient Kings makes for an unforgettable Tibetan experience.
The Kingdom of Bhutan, also known as the "Land of the Dragon" is home to many soaring Himalayan peaks and sleepy mountain villages; alluring unspoiled nature, giant monasteries and beautiful traditional clothes... Nestled between imposing the neighbours of China and India, Bhutan is also known for its mysterious culture and authentic way of living. Discover a land of contrasts, colours, spirituality and beauty, this largely unexplored kingdom holds endless ways to thrill curious travelers...