Mustang and Dolpo are found, protected by the towering snow-capped peaks above arid plains and occassional oases. They are famous for their fascinating mineral landscapes of all colours and for the omnipresence of Buddhist culture here with many Tibetan-Nepalese festivals celebrated by local people. At the heart of this mesmerizing mineral universe are lush green oases, where potatoes, barley, wheat, apples are grown ... even at more than 4000m above sea level! Meet the extraordinary inhabitants of these altitude deserts; contemplate the monochrome of colors and lights against the dramatic cliffs;listen to the sound of the silence in a monastery and the prayer flags fluttering in each mountain pass ..... In short, to visit Mustang and Dolpo is to visit an unforgettable world of Tibeto-Nepalese culture - indeed there are a myriad of wonders to discover in this world beyond the Himalayas!